. .

Opening hours:
11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Art Home Service:
Monday through Sunday
10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

What makes the collection of the Zeitgeist Gallery
that extraordinary?

The Zeitgeist Gallery is clearly concentrating on the presentation
of individually styled original paintings on canvas.

Unlike many other galleries we directly work together with all our artists -
no wholesale or agencies involved!

This explains the rareness and exclusiveness of our collection.

We deliberately go our own way:

The main focus of our artists is on the aesthetics - the colour richness, vitality,
exceptional expressiveness and effectuation of the individual paintings.

The exhibited works of the Zeitgeist Gallery always convince by their beauty.

In our gallery you find high quality exhibits of artists who are successful 
for many years with their art - and we offer them for a very reasonable price!

All our artists are working with selected galleries only.
This guarantees the real exclusiveness of the collection
of paintings presented by our gallery.


I would like to purchase paintings from your gallery.
How can I do this?

A good choice!

You can visit us in our gallery house in the Centre of Nuremberg
at the Troedelmarkt 1 and select your favourite works of art here.

Our opening hours are:
Each saturday from 11 a. m to 7 p. m.
and by appointment.

You use our Art Home Service.

You can choose up to twenty different artworks
which are of interest to you from our website.

Tell us your favourite paintings and make an appointment with us
using any of the below options:

- Complete our contact form
- Send us an e-mail to
- Call: +49 911 285 93 51
- Call/WhatsApp: +49 171 3440350

We will bring the originals to your place so that you
can decide on-site which paintings you want to buy.
Just so you know:
The first usage of our Art Home Service is
free of charge in whole Central Europe.

Our customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein 
must pay the VAT of the selected works in advance
as a deposit for the customs).

You can purchase artworks from our gallery directly online
in an uncomplicated manner.


Who can use the Zeitgeist Gallery Art Home Service -
is it only available to companies
or can householders use this facility as well?

Our Art Home Service is available for all our artistically inclined customers -
art collectors, companies, offices, medical practices, law firms AND of course
private households!


Does the Zeitgeist Gallery only sell unique artworks?

Yes - all our paintings are real handmade individual pieces
of exceptional exclusivity.

We love the charm of unique art from conviction and
would be pleased to inspire you for our passion as well!


Can I buy your paintings as prints, posters or limited editions?

No - it´s the originals only.
We do not want to make you unhappy!


Are the paintings of your gallery also suitable as investment?

Although the decision to purchase an artwork should generally be based
on the subjective enthusiasm for the aesthetic impact of the painting,
we are also convinced that purchasing works created by
emerging artists of our gallery is a promising investment!

Due to the reasonable price of the artworks the purchase is a low risk. 
Additionally, it is protected by our ZEITGEIST-GALLERY-VALUE-GUARANTEE.



The ZEITGEIST-GALLERY-VALUE-GUARANTEE is a perpetual trade-in-option
developed by us.

While buying a new artwork in our gallery you can trade in any painting
purchased in the Zeitgeist Gallery at any time for any reason at full price.

The conditions are very simple:

All paintings being bought in the Zeitgeist Gallery can be returned
(original invoice should be shown as proof of purchase).

For each new painting being purchased you can give back
one painting of your portfolio at full purchase price.
A cash payment will not take place.

There are only the following restrictions:
- Costs for framing will not be considered.
- Any damage will be deducted.
- The trade-in-option is limited to one work of art per customer per year.

Do you also frame paintings or span them on stretchers?

Of course we are offering a framing service for all original artworks
being purchased now or some time ago in the Zeitgeist Gallery.

Since we do not run our own framing studio this service is reserved
exclusively for our customers.

Do you also buy paintings?

we take back all paintings purchased from us at any time for
the full purchase price if you buy a new artwork in our gallery
which at least is of the same value.
(see 7.)

This offer is only valid for artworks being acquired in the
Zeitgeist Gallery.

Please bring your original invoice with you in order to use this service.

Do I also get a biography of the artist and a Certificate of Authenticity
when I buy a painting in the Zeitgeist Gallery?

You solely buy paintings in our gallery with biography of the artist.
On request, we will issue a Certificate of Authenticity -
if you like, with signature of the artist, too!

Can you tell me the value of my painting?

We are happy to tell you a realistic current value for
your paintings which you have bought in our gallery.

For artworks that you did not purchase in our gallery,
please contact an art expert of your choice.

I am an artist.
Can I also take part in the Zeitgeist Gallery exhibition?
What are your conditions?

The Zeitgeist Gallery receives all exhibits
from the exhibiting artists in consignment.
A purchase generally does not take place.

The cooperation with all artists is
non-binding for both sides.

There are no hidden costs for artists -
the Zeitgeist Gallery does not charge money
for wall rents, cost sharing for openings or
catalogue printing costs or mandatory framings.

However please understand, that due to numerous inquiries
and already existing long-term artist partnerships,
new exhibition options can rarely be awarded.

The general prerequisites for cooperation are:

You create individual and expressive original paintings on canvas
that enrich our existing portfolio.

You already enjoy a long artistic career with numerous exhibitions.

You live in the EC and are able to issue invoices
with valid German or European Tax Number upon sale.

If you meet these requirements and want to be a part of our collection,
please send your application together with your Curriculum Vitae and
pictures of your best works with information on technique, size and
asking price and, if available, a link to your website to

If we want you to join our artists portfolio,
we will contact you as soon as possible!